Thai Tuk Tuk Restaurant Corona CA Taxi Thailand

Authentic Thai Food

We specialize in traditional Thai cuisine

inspired by the different regions of Thailand.

Tasty Thai Treats

Located in the heart of downtown Corona CA.  Address Thai Tuk Tuk, 725 W 6th Street, Corona CA 92882.  Come enjoy Thai Food in Corona.  Dine in, take out, catering.  Food prepared to order.  Look for the big yellow sign on 6th street.

              The History of the Tuk Tuk (took took) – An iconic symbol of Thailand

     The Tuk Tuk is a versatile vehicle of Thailand.  It is a 3 wheel, motorized vehicle often seen in various parts of Thailand which include, markets, tourist areas, and city/landscapes.  It is not uncommon to see a Tuk Tuk loaded with tourists, locals going to a destination quickly and cheaply, or the lone occupant carrying boxes and goods participating in commerce.

     The name is derived from the sound the small, two cycle engine makes.  The Tuk Tuk was originally manufactured in Japan by Daihatsu.  Now there are various manufactures within Thailand.  Invented over 50 years ago, the Tuk Tuk was fashioned after the rickshaw. 

     The small size and zippy drivetrain, allows the Tuk Tuk to navigate the small streets and pockets within traffic with ease.  In fact, most tourists can attest to their first terrifying but memorable ride in a Tuk Tuk.  The ride that seemed impossible because it cornered, zigged, zagged, zipped, through the traffic of Bangkok.  Maybe that is why tourists are seen posing and taking selfies with a Tuk Tuk.  Evidence of their adventure for their friends and families back home.